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grandMA2 User Training

3 days

The ‘grandMA2 User Training’ is a starter course intended for beginners with existing knowledge from grandMA2 online tutorials on the MA Lighting YouTube channel.

This course aims to make operators familiar with the basic functions of the grandMA2 lighting control panel, the panel interface and the main features of the software and operating philosophy.

First steps

  • Introduction
  • Hardware
  • Console Layout and Connections
  • MA Philosophy
  • Software
  • Show Files
  • Console Setup
  • User Profiles
  • Fixture schedule
  • Screen Setup

Simple Programming

  • Stage view
  • Controlling fixtures
  • Groups
  • Next/Prev/Highlight
  • Using the Programmer

Using Presets and Sequences

  • Presets
  • Stage View Wizard
  • Layout view and pool
  • Sequences
  • Sequence Executor Options
  • Preset Type Timings
  • Parts Cues
  • Individual timing

Editing Sequences

  • Editing Cues
  • Tracking

Chases, Tricks and Options

  • Chase
  • Off
  • MA Tricks
  • Changing Executor keys and faders
  • Additional Executor Controls


  • Effects Concept
  • Creating Simple Effects
  • Playback Effects

More Effects

  • Effects Part 2

The big Task

  • More about Fixtures

Further Options, Controls and Filters

  • Executor Options Part 2
  • Data Management

Masks, Blind, Freeze and Preview

  • Masks
  • Blind Modes
  • Freeze
  • Preview


  • Introduction
  • Networking setting